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Our philosophy and approach to wellness.

A focus on restoring and sustaining optimal health and well being.

By evaluating the biomarkers of aging, Raffaele Medical designs a treatment plan that is unique to each client’s needs. These biomarkers provide a solid baseline of a person’s physiological age to determine how well they are aging, and provide insight and direction for improving their health to slow the aging process.

Joseph M. Raffaele, MD

Founder and CEO

Dr. Joseph Raffaele founded Raffaele Medical to provide scientifically based treatment programs for healthy aging. With over 20 years of research and development on age management, Dr. Raffaele has observed and seen effective treatment plans that restore energy and overall health among individuals of all ages. His medical education includes a B.A. in philosophy from Princeton University and medical degree from Hahnemann University. He also completed his residency at The New York Hospital/Cornell University Medical Center and developed his career as a clinical assistant professor of medicine at Dartmouth Medical School. Dr. Raffaele is an American College of Physicians member, American Board of Age Management Medicine diplomat, and board certified in internal medicine. Dr. Raffaele is an avid cyclist , triathlete and enjoys windsurfing.

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Jennifer Braun, MPH, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Jennifer Braun has been a practitioner in the field of healthy aging for over five years with a background in primary care and clinical research. She earned a Master’s in public health from UCLA and a Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies from Stony Brook University. After obtaining in-depth knowledge across a spectrum of biomarkers and health metrics, Jennifer develops customized treatment programs for her patients designed to achieve optimal health. A tailored program may include hormone optimization, medication management, nutrient supplementation, and lifestyle counseling. She also works with Dr. Raffaele to support all patients in the practice ensuring success in their individual programs.

Alicia Laurencin

Chief Operating Officer

Alicia joined the practice in 2006 and has 25 years in positions of directorships, practice management, and facilities and operations management across multiple medical disciplines and settings. As the Chief Operating Officer, Alicia oversees the smooth running of day-to-day operations and ensures long term strategies and goals are well aligned with the top-notch, service oriented culture of Raffaele Medical. Alicia also is an important liaison for every patient to ensure their experience at Raffaele Medical is seamless, personal, and well-supported.

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Amy Martin

Pharmacy Care Coordinator

Amy Martin is the pharmacy liaison who manages pharmacy care customer services. She answers questions about medication, processes refill requests, and manages patient pharmacy orders. Amy has been a certified pharmacy technician for 20 years with experience in both retail and compounding pharmacies. Her primary goal is customer service, ensuring every patient is 100% satisfied with their care.

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