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Find out how well you're aging with PhysioAge Health Analytics

Detail and precision are crucial differences that set PhysioAge apart from other health tests.

Our expert system is based on solid science – extensive clinical trials, scientific literature, and careful statistical analysis of primary data. Rather than using secondary clinical studies to calculate physiological age, we used our own in-depth primary research to measure up to 120 attributes in a database of 4,500 individuals. This method determined how biomarkers relate to each other, enabling a greater degree of statistical accuracy and a deeper understanding of the aging process. With unique in-house measurements, PhysioAge gives you complete, clear, and precise results.

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Biomarkers of Aging

Built on Solid Science

An unparalleled and focused array of extensively tested biomarkers shown to highly correlate with age that are both medically and statistically significant.

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Epigenetic testing by Trudiagnostic

  • Measures intrinsic aging based on age-related methylation changes to the DNA governed by genetics and heritable epigenetic changes.

  • Measures extrinsic aging based on the decline in immune function corresponding with age-related decline of tissue performance and disease risk.

  • Includes the Dunedin Pace of Aging measure to assess years of biological aging per year at the precise moment.

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Biological age calculator based on nine routine blood tests

  • Measures biological aging based on organ system function using nine biomarkers found in routine blood tests that are influenced by lifestyle genetic factors.

  • Correlates highly with chronological age and predicts all-cause mortality and death from specific diseases and can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of therapies.

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Metabolic and Immune System Aging by GlycanAge

  • Evaluates the pattern of sugar molecules (glycosylation) covering immunoglobulins and functions as a marker of hormone optimization treatment response.

  • Characteristic patterns are strongly associated with age, disease states, and unhealthy lifestyles.

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Telomere Length Measurement by Repeat Diagnostics®

  • Measures the ends of the telomeres, the caps at the ends of your chromosomes that act as a molecular clock by shortening with every cell division

  • Telomere shortening is highly correlated in numerous studies with aging and many disease states

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Immune Function Testing by UCLA School of Medicine

  • Measures the health of the immune system using proprietary algorithms of standard immune subsets

  • Utilizes cutting-edge molecular markers for senescent and naïve T-cells

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Arterial Stiffness Testing with Sphygmocor by Atcor Medical

  • Measures the suppleness of your arteries using pulse wave analysis

  • Assesses cardiovascular risk by measuring augmentation pressure

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Pulmonary Function Testing with 

EasyOne Air Spirometer from NDD

  • Measures forced expiratory volume (FEV1/FCV), which is highly correlated with age

  • Predicts all-cause mortality, not just mortality from pulmonary disease

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Cognitive Assessment Testing with CNS Vital Signs

  • Measures the most highly age-sensitive aspects of cognitive function using a computerized battery of tests

  • Functions as an effective screen for mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease

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Skin Elasticity Testing with C+K Cutometer

  • Assesses the elasticity of the skin with the same instrument used in numerous clinical trials of OTC and pharmaceutical skin care products

  • Determines the propensity to develop wrinkles by measuring elasticity, firmness, and resistance to stress

PhysioAge Reporting

PhysioAge includes an online reporting system that includes a Dashboard, Report Cards, Recommendations, and Reports.

Patient Portal

A dynamic interface for browsing all of your results including biomarkers, labs and any other personalized tests relevant to assessing or monitoring your your health. Accessible from any device.

PhysioAge Health Analytics Patient Portal

Report Cards

Our algorithms assign letter grades (A through F) for each result category as well as individual results, in an easy-to-understand format.

PhysioAge Health Analytics Report Card


Review all of your treatment recommendations in one place.

PhysioAge Health Analytics Recommendations
PhysioAge Health Analytics Sample Report PDF

PDF Reports

Generate several PDF reports of various lengths, from a 2-page digest to a 40-page report with full explanations of each test and what the results mean to you.

Patients gain access to a number of benefits from a PhysioAge evaluation:



Benchmark how well your body’s aging


Identify any organs that need special attention


Get all your test results in a single interface


Tracking your aging over time


Measure the impact of treatments on your health


Gain the knowledge you need to be proactive about your health

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