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Understanding the Aging Process in Men

What is Andropause?

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Andropause: The male version of menopause

As men age, they begin experiencing a decrease in testosterone levels, leading to symptoms such as:


Muscle Loss


Low Energy

Testosterone is the Key

It’s been several years since the arrival of Viagra, but many men are looking towards testosterone replacement methods as an alternative to energize decreased libido. Several reports have appeared concerning testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in healthy aging men. From professional medical literature to marketing material, TRT is reported to encourage healthy sexual function and stimulate muscle-boosting, fat-busting mechanisms in both athletes and older men. Though there is plenty of positive publicity, a number of academic centers and health professionals still express concern over playing with hormones, especially without long-term studies proving the safety and effectiveness of TRT.

The Endocrine Theory of Aging

Complex connections between the brain and our endocrine glands which produce hormones make up the endocrine system which performs less optimally over time. In addition to testosterone, DHT and estradiol, other important hormones decline with age and begin their descent earlier than the menopausal transition. Some hormones rise with age leading to increased risk for illness and disease.


This “Mother Steroid” is a precursor to many hormones including testosterone and estradiol. It also has a direct effect on your arteries, bone, and immune system. Levels peak in your mid-twenties and steadily decline with age.

Growth Hormone

By stimulating the release of a hormone called Insulin-Like Growth factor 1 (IGF-1), growth hormone has a potent muscle and bone building, immune-enhancing, and cardiovascular health-promoting effect.

Thyroid Hormone

The active component of your thyroid hormone is derived less efficiently with age. Decreased levels occur with aging and are associated with depression, declining cognitive function, metabolism, and cardiovascular function.


Tissue resistance to insulin due to aging and poor lifestyle can result in rising levels which are associated with an increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.


Our body’s response to stress over time can result in prolonged elevations of cortisol, which adversely affects body composition, cognitive performance, and immune system function.

The Raffaele Approach to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our approach does not subscribe to the “one size fits all” treatment philosophy. Optimized health is a complete package of proper nutrition and exercise, antioxidant therapy, and balanced bioidentical hormone replacement. Patients have their own unique responses addressed by an individually tailored regimen developed for each person.

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